So you're an accountant. You spend your days following the arcane details of FASB statements or the IRS code. But you don't just follow them; you document your compliance with them. You keep endless workpaper files that require technological advances in electronic storage capacity to maintain, all in an effort to cover your backside when the "staff" comes calling.

Well, you're not alone; we do the same thing!! The Transition Science team members are not accountants; but through some misunderstanding by our college counselors, we ended up in the Big 4 and other national accounting firms doing business valuations in accordance with the same FASB and IRS rules! Go figure. We obviously aren't in an accounting firm anymore; but we do the same work, with the same attention to detail, with the same 16 MB of stored workpaper files, but for much less in fees. See the descriptions below for a snapshot of what we offer.  

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Acquisition Advisory

Acquisition Accounting

Transition Science professionals offer deep expertise in acquisition accounting, having prepared 35 Purchase Price Allocations totaling $176 billion in intangible asset values. Notable Goodwill Impairment valuations include AOL Time Warner's $98.7 billion goodwill write-off in 2002.

  • Purchase Price Allocations
  • Goodwill Impairment Testing
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Tax-related Valuations

  • Estate and Gift Tax Valuations
  • Valuations in support of NOL limitation calculations
  • C-to-S Conversions
  • Transfer Pricing/Royalty Rate Studies
  • Internal subsidiary transactions (non arms-length transactions)
  • Cost Segregation Studies*

*Cost segregation studies are performed by an outside expert under contract with Transition Science.


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