Business Transition

A business transition is a private transaction wherein the seller and buyer (typically an employee or a known person) desire an independent 3rd party to determine the business value and the transition timing based on the underlying business economics. In these cases, the 3rd party does not advocate for either party. Independence, transparency, and objectivity apply to all aspects of the transition, including the business valuation, the financial analysis, and the due diligence. A well-planned ownership transition ensures minimal disruption of clients and employees, while efficiently transferring the seller's goodwill to the new owner or partner.

Business Sale

A business sale, on the other hand, typically involves advocacy for a particular party. The business broker is paid a commission by the seller; so the broker has incentive to sell the business for as high of a price as possible. Brokerage services typically involve confidentially marketing a business for sale, finding and vetting potential buyers, negotiating the transaction terms, and writing closing documents. Such services, if needed, are offered by Scott Delaune, PC, a licensed broker of Casper Business Sales.

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