What would happen if you asked 5 different people to cook Chicken Marsala for dinner? Two of them might make a great tasting dish while the other 3 might cook up a soupy mess. But what if all 5 of them went to cooking school, had advanced training, and were required to follow cooking standards set by professional chefs? You'd then expect consistency and accuracy, right?

Professional Standard Business Valuations work the same way. Professional business appraisers are required to meet strict standards for consistency and accuracy. After all, their clients depend on business valuations when it matters most: in business sales where large amounts of money change hands, in court cases where the outcome can be a significant monetary settlement or ruling, and in company SEC filings where investors depend on accurate reports to make investment decisions. What follows are the types of professional valuation services offered by Valuation Science.

For Buyers and Sellers

You need a business valuation to buy or sell a company, add or subtract a shareholder, or transition your business to its next generation of ownership. 

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For Lawyers

Your client needs a business valuation or an IP valuation for a transaction, a bankruptcy, a shareholder dissolution, a marital dissolution, or a damages claim. 

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For Accountants

You need a business valuation for financial reporting purposes, a non arms-length transaction, a Section 382 limitation, a C-to-S conversion, or a gift tax filing. 

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For Bankers

You need a business or asset valuation to support a business loan; you need an independent valuation for your investment portfolio; or you'd like to test the solvency of a debtor. 

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